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The best decision you could ever make

beginning the journey

A fresh start

There is a new beginning for you in Christ. Often we get told our failures disqualify us from a relationship with God when it's actually the oppisite. Jesus came and died in your place so that you can have an authentic relationship with Him.
All you need to do to accept Christ into your life is say this simple prayer:
"Dear Jesus, I’m praying this prayer because I know that I have done wrong by living without You. I am sorry and I trust that You will forgive me. I accept Your love and grace for me and ask that You would be my Lord. Help me believe in You and love You every day, and help me to show the world what You are like and how great Your love is.
In Jesus Name. Amen."
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We believe that Church is the people not the building we meet in. Church shouldn’t just be a Sunday only experience - Church is family and a place where people can come and build relationships with God and each other, grow spiritually, live life together in community and have fun!
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